About Us

We are a passionate Indigenous business helping to make an impact in Closing the Gap with increasing Indigenous employment and participation by creating Indigenous job-ready programs and mentoring. I started Barra-gi in 2019, with the aim to create opportunities for Indigenous communities resulting in sustainable employment. We offer Programs, mentoring, company introductions on your behalf, and training. We also source applicants along with vetting to take away frustrations in finding the right employees. 

We believe in creating, building, and maintaining relationships with Indigenous communities and offer services to assist.


Raelene Talbot

Founder/Managing Director

Raelene is a proud descendant of the Kamilaroi and Yuin people. She has had the opportunity to work in private and public sectors for more than 20 years gaining valuable experience. Raelene has a background in Business Administration and is passionate about the business she has now created.

Raelene watched her father excel in his chosen career as an Indigenous police officer for the New South Wales Force, and her mother work in the health industry. They were supportive of her in her chosen career paths and helped pushed her to reach her goals.

Barra-gi is a word from the Kamilaroi language which means to fly or soar. She has a dream of giving Indigenous job seekers confidence and skills through her job-ready programs to do exactly that. Barra-gi is an Indigenous run and owned business, the aim is to add diversity into the workforce by creating successful pathway opportunities for Indigenous people and contribute to Closing the Gap.


We offer services to take away the stress of sourcing applicants and a cost-saving price. We at Barra-gi are committed to providing job-ready programs to assist businesses, companies, and organisations in retaining Indigenous employees. We offer mentoring within our programs to assist Indigenous employees to strive for success and we like the idea of going along for the journey.