Information For Individuals/Students

I love to tell my kids about my first paid job every chance I get.

Although it was more for the love of animals I knew I needed to actually one day put together a resume and application letter to apply for a 'real job'. I say a real job because I didn't need a resume or application letter for my first paid job. I woke up every morning before school to wash, and clean kennels for my neighbours show dogs and happily received a payment of $7.00 a week. Yes, you read that correctly $7.00 a week.

I left year 11 after becoming successful in obtaining my first full-time position with the Aboriginal Education Unit, at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. I got holidays, paid leave, interaction within the Indigenous community, and actual proper pay. Exciting for someone who was 17 and landed the job off countless attempts in writing my resume and letter.

We have put together a job application pack for high school students which will be added to our website tomorrow and can be downloaded for free. It's a great guide to use, and we know how hard it can be as a young person to land a job especially now with COVID happening.

We have put together this job application pack for you, and it's a free resource. Just click on the box and you're ready to go. There are so many great free resources available to you and you should utilise as many as possible. 

Grammarly is also a great tool to use for spell check also. If you want to bounce ideas around or just ask questions, we'd love to help!