Our Vision

Barra-gi is a word from the Kamilaroi language group, it means to fly or soar. We at Barra-gi aim to do exactly this.

Our vision is to transform our passion into a creation to give back, create opportunities and boost positivity within Indigenous communities whilst working actively to assist in Closing the Gap in Indigenous employment.

We match employees with employers, we source and vet applicants.

We create Job Ready Programs that incorporate our three foundations along with training and mentoring to journey along with our participants. 

We take care of everything! our promise to you is we will communicate the entire way through. We like to think of our creation as a journey with our Job Ready participants and our clients.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you actively work towards Closing the Gap in Indigenous employment, contact us today. 

Giving you wings to fly.png

A word from Raelene......


"Our clients are our partners, if you'd like us to take your stress and worry away when it's time for recruiting let's chat.


We offer bulk recruitment with Job Ready Programs and training. We can talk you through the process and when our end is done there is only one thing you need to do!"