• Raelene Talbot


We have all faced adversity in our lives, it is what we take away from those lessons which helps us build resilience. I am a mother of three teenage children, one who has started her journey into year 12 and is gaining new coping mechanisms to build resilience for her future. She has built friendships and lost some along the way, changed her career path a couple of times and is managing conflict and school at the same time.

We deal with adversity in many forms but to speak with a young person who is finding their way in the world can be difficult at times, especially when they are still figuring out their career choice once their years of high school have come to an end.

Barra-gi was founded on building confidence within Indigenous people, we aim to increase employment and participation rates by building job-ready programs which also incorporates mentoring to assist in breaking down barriers. We assist in building strong connections between our participants and employees to correct issues, address and acknowledge barriers with speed and ease to ensure we maintain communication and break down any barriers before they become a major issue.

Employment is a journey, and we walk beside our participants to ensure they are confident but assist in confronting adversity and diffuse situations which our participants may come across. My eldest daughter has picked a career path, and is now feeling her way through her workload and managing emotions that come with school and assignments. As her mum I see her different from the rest of the world. I see when she is vulnerable, anxious, lacks confidence and confused amongst other emotions. It all starts with building a great but supportive network, her small network is forever growing and changing but they have become her cheer squad.

Watching her face barriers has left me questioning how I am able to assist other young Indigenous people with their career journey. We create and build job-ready programs where our participants gain a qualification to assist them in being work ready. As part of our program, we include inductions, and provide our participants with their own PPE gear. This allows us to assist in breaking down barriers, providing Indigenous people with skills and preparing them for the workforce.

Barra-gi not only source and vet job-seekers but we match employees with employers, we believe in creating a culturally safe work environment and build a network around our participants and provide mentoring to assist in creating an individualised pathway plan.

We aim to build and instil confidence within participants to build resilience, many people face barriers, but it is a well known fact Indigenous employment has a gap compared to non Indigenous Australians. We aim to assist in Closing the Gap for Indigenous employment rates and building adversity within the workforce for our participants.

If I have learnt one thing through my employment journey, it's to keep pushing my boundaries, adversity is what makes us great.

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