Building professional relationships.

Building Professional Relationships To Achieve A Common Goal

If you’ve ever struggled with a project, you’ll know the benefit of working with others to finish your tasks and achieve your goals. Having previously written about Indigenous Collaboration, today I’d like to focus on how building professional relationships can help business owners and their employees achieve common goals.

Working to Close the Gap

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Working to Close the Gap is a huge undertaking and one that cannot be done alone. That’s why I believe it’s important to partner with other businesses and individuals who share a common dream; that Indigenous Australians everywhere have the same opportunities for, and success in, employment as their non-Indigenous counterparts.

For me, education and up-skilling is a huge part of this, which is why we run Indigenous Job Ready Programs to help Indigenous peoples gain the skills needed to join the workforce, and the confidence to stay there. That being said, there are lots of things I can’t do – and lots that others can. This is why partnering together to Close the Gap is so vital.

How Working Together Can Help Each Other

“Collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success.” - Unknown

Collaboration and business partnerships not only help clients but also benefit the business. By building strong business relationships with others, you can split up your own workload and share in mutual successes with others. Suddenly the huge task of Closing the Gap seems more possible.

Building Effective Professional Relationships can help you:

  • Increase your professional development

  • Share resources and skills

  • Gain new clientele

  • Refer clients on for services you do not provide

  • Help work towards the end goal: Closing the Gap

Good business relationships not only help you achieve short term goals, such as tackling a big project or outsourcing a difficult task but can also lead to long-term collaboration and achievement of big-picture goals.

Who Am I Looking For?

“To improve employment outcomes… discrimination among employers needs to be reduced, human capital levels increased, jobs need to be in areas where Indigenous people live and to match the skills and experiences of the Indigenous population.” – Dr. Meg Perkins

One of the hardest things while working to Close the Gap is finding opportunities of interest and suitability to the Indigenous clients I work with. That’s why I’d love to partner with local Recruitment Agencies to help Indigenous Peoples living in our community. Closing the gap is not just about finding people short-term jobs – it’s about helping Indigenous peoples in their pathway to a long-term career, increasing Indigenous retention of jobs, and helping raise cultural awareness in the workplace.

Professional relationships are key to achieving this goal. By engaging Indigenous job-seekers in appropriate mentoring and increasing employer engagement, Indigenous peoples can be well on the path to enhancing their own lives and, down the track, the lives of those to come. Let’s fill the gaps that each other’s businesses leave – you find the employer and the work, and I’ll find and mentor the right candidates. Together we can build lasting relationships and Close the Gap for good!

Are you part of a business looking to recruit Indigenous employees or otherwise assist in Closing the Gap? I’d love to connect with like-minded business partners and brainstorm ways to work together. Contact me today to book an appointment to discuss collaboration.

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