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Creating successful paths

Let's Talk about self worth and self love, not a topic I openly discuss for many reasons but it is important, it is vital and it is needed and necessary to open and create pathways which lead to success.

I had the opportunity to discuss this with an amazing woman last week, this woman is passionate, determined and driven. I could see myself in her when we spoke, because our goals were aligned and our voices were being heard.

This woman is Marilou, she works with Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place as a Youth Worker with Indigenous kids, although she is not Indigenous she is creating some amazing and meaningful connections to assist the youth and engaging them through her programs. She touched briefly on her story, I am huge on stories, because this is what sets you up as the person you are. She is able to relate, use her experiences and show empathy and build positive relationships.

I am a firm believer in your past not defining you, but building you to grow and is your framework for your present and your future. When you face difficult times in life and they make you feel uncomfortable, you have choices, to stay in that position a little longer and build confidence and courage or embrace change and keep going. Both of these situations are perfectly fine, we all grow at different paces and move slower than most, but it's important to never stop, it's important to know when you need to rest, lean on your people.

This is where self worth and self love come in. Many times we as individuals are our own harsh critics, we hear that little voice telling us we can't do it, we are not worthy of the positive change coming. We are!

One major reason I decided to build job-ready programs is because I have been in a position more than once questioning myself, questioning my value I have lived experiences I would not wish upon anyone, but having a supportive network helps the process. We all need someone to tell us what they see at times within us, the way our supportive network speaks to us is how we should speak to us.

It takes time and it takes commitment from ourselves to do this is, but we can. We can overcome barriers and hurdles we set for ourselves to be that person.

Barra-gi assist Indigenous people into meaningful employment and we look at this holistically, because there are barriers there that are not physically seen. We follow our participants through employment to assist in building their support network within their jobs but also within their community. We endeavour to lead not only from the front but the side and back.

Imagine being apart of the supportive network for Indigenous people gaining meaningful employment, imagine being apart of the reason they smile and give 100% to your business day in and day out, imagine being apart of their freedom and commitment to continuing to breaking the cycle, imagine being apart of the reason they want to be a stronger role model for their families and community. Well I'm here to say to you, that you can be. By creating positions and sourcing Indigenous people to fill these positions you can.

We assist businesses in creating, building and maintaining strengthening relationships with Indigenous employees and communities, we're there for businesses as much as we are for our participants. We offer a variety of services to meet your business needs and offer value as an Indigenous led business assisting Indigenous people and communities.

Our job-ready programs can be tailored to assist with both bulk recruitment needs or small recruitment needs, we base our program around life skills where participants also gain training from an RTO to assist with building their skill set. Part of our service offering is also Indigenous mentoring to assist in creating higher rates of Indigenous employee retention.

We assist businesses to lay a strong foundation for Indigenous employment and build from there. We are also available to source Indigenous employees through our network to ensure we are matching the right person for the job.

If you'd like to discuss further I invite you to email us at or visit our website to read more.

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