Everything you need to know about our Job Ready Program

While much has been done in an attempt to Close the Gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous employment rates, the latest figures show that the Indigenous employment rate is still 26% lower than non-Indigenous (Closing The Gap Report, 2020). Now more than ever, Indigenous peoples need assistance to Close the Gap, with targeted programs to help improve employment rates and provide Indigenous peoples with the confidence and skills to join the workforce.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Job Ready Program, and what you can do to help Close the Gap.

Sourcing & Vetting Applicants

Strong relationships within the Indigenous community are paramount to creating lasting pathways to employment. For us, employment opportunities are all about sustainability – we don’t merely want to help Indigenous peoples find short-term jobs, we want to equip them for long-term careers, with the skills and resources to continue in the workforce long after their time with us.

“Relationships, respect and trust [are] key to engagement with Indigenous employees.” – Lisa Annese, Chief Executive Officer for the Diversity Council Australia

The first step in our Job Ready Program is building relationships with both employees and employers. We want to work alongside businesses to meet their needs, while also providing opportunities for Indigenous employees to gain (and keep) employment. We’ll source and vet applicants for our Job Readiness Program so that employers can rest assured that potential employees are the right fit for them. We’ll then act as a ‘strengthening link’ between employers and potential employees, providing company introductions when necessary and even helping in the interview process.

Job Readiness Sessions

“The enablers and barriers to Indigenous Australians’ participation in employment are multiple and intertwined with social, cultural, geographic and economic factors. Acquiring skills—particularly literacy, numeracy and digital problem solving skills—is associated with better labour market outcomes” - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2019

As seen in our previous blog post on pathways to employment for Indigenous youth, education is a major obstacle in employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples. Many Indigenous people lack the skills to appropriately apply and interview for a position, with lack of confidence also playing a big factor. In order to affect change, potential employees require targeted sessions to help them become job-ready.

Our Job Readiness Sessions are designed to build confidence, develop skills, and instil leadership qualities in all our participants. Our sessions cover:

  • How to write cover letters and resumes

  • Interview tips and tricks

  • How to turn passions and interests into careers

  • Up-skilling areas such as literacy, numeracy and computer skills

  • Sourcing specialised education pathways for specific career choices

By attending Job Readiness Sessions, my hope is that applicants can be taken on a journey to achieve their goals, becoming positive role models in the process.

Ongoing Mentorship

Indigenous Job Readiness programs are not just about helping participants finding initial employment, they’re also designed as a complete package to assist Indigenous peoples with their entire employment journey. By providing ongoing mentorship to participants after they have been successful gaining employment, employees have a safe place to turn when they’re uncertain, and can continue to gain confidence and employable skills while they work.

Our mentorship programs also extend to employers, increasing cultural awareness for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous business owners, while providing useful tools for businesses to be able to create an inclusive, diverse workforce in a culturally safe environment.

Interested to know more about our Job Readiness Program? Contact me today to discuss how we can work together to create pathways to employment for the Indigenous community.

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