Would you declare issues relating to your mental health to a potential employer?

Although you're not legally required to, unless there is a risk to yourself or others, do you see this as a risk or building trust?

I am no expert in this area, but I built my business based around building relationships and transparency. I am passionate about creating opportunities for Indigenous communities and people, for those who know me or have spoken to me I know they will agree with that statement.

Barra-gi is building our growing database of Indigenous job-seekers. We hear many stories and they connect with me because I can see their struggles, I hear the shaking in their voices and I see the passion they have when speaking about job searches. They connect with me, because I have been there.

I've been a single mum, relying on centrelink payment to support my kids, struggling with confidence, applying for jobs and never hearing back. I've lived in Housing Commission, I've spent nights turning on my oven to keep my kids warm, I've spent nights living night to night wondering how I feed my kids. We all have struggles, we all have stories and we all need someone to be in our corner.

I spoke with a young Indigenous woman who is a single mum, she started the conversation via text. I called straight away, we chatted and I asked her to send me her resume. She did, with a message "I can only work days because I am a single mum. I have bipolar and need to have days I can attend my appointments but I have managed my mental health with medication".

During our conversation, she told me she has applied for jobs, but no luck. I often speak about barriers people face, but I counted a few when speaking with her. I believe in creating support networks within the workplace and community to ensure we are breaking down barriers together. Like everyone, barriers can be seen and some not so visible, this is why it is so important to work with employees to build trust to have tough conversations to put support networks in place and help our applicants when they stumble.

Would you declare mental health issues? If you have applied for several jobs a week, haven't heard back after the interview stage after you've declared your mental health issues would you continue to declare?

What are your expectations around transparency and employees facing situations like this?

Would you be biased in your selection process?

Barra-gi offers a variety of services, but one you receive from us is priceless. And that is passion, belief and being your Indigenous employees personal cheer squad. This is us walking with participants and helping them up every single time. We are huge in creating strong relationships, not just for our participants but for you as employers.

We'd love to connect with as many businesses as possible to create employment opportunities for Indigenous people. If you're interested in chatting and connecting further, we invite you to reach out via to book a free discovery call.

Together we can make dreams come true and make a positive impact for Indigenous job-seekers.

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