We offer holistic authentic and meaningful relationships to build strong foundations, whilst connecting local suitable Indigenous job-seekers to employment opportunities. Barra-gi is not your average recruitment agency and it’s because we take a much-needed approach to support you as our clients and our participants whilst they soar on their employment journey. 




Recruitment & Job Ready Programs

We offer Job-ready programs for bulk recruitment needs, which we create and facilitate. During our programs, our participants will complete training that will assist in their employment journey. 






Sourcing Indigenous Applicants


Sourcing local Indigenous applicants, we are located in Sydney NSW but have built great relationships around Australia.


Indigenous mentoring, to assist in creating higher rates of Indigenous employee retention.










Employment Drives


Indigenous employment drives, to promote vacant positions and attract a higher number of Indigenous applicants whilst creating, building, and maintaining strengthening links with Indigenous communities. 


Indigenous Community Engagement

Barra-gi also provides Indigenous community engagement with major projects – strengthens and improves project engagement with Indigenous communities focusing on employment and training pathways and Indigenous business engagement. This support results in significantly increased Indigenous participation.



Criminal History Checks

Barra-gi have created a program, aimed at Indigenous people who are ex-prisoners and seeking the opportunity to enter the workforce and create meaningful relationships along the way. Barra-gi is a Gomeroi word meaning to fly or soar, we believe in chances and the opportunity to create a future which gives our participants a chance to right their wrongs and soar to a pathway that leads to success.

"Barra-gi does this by establishing an on-the-ground support partner in the Indigenous community. Indigenous-led mentoring and support strategies result in greatly increased worker retention and in effective skills development within communities" 

 -  Raelene Talbot


Barra-gi also offers the following services:


Meeting with Indigenous community Elders and community members to understand the potential opportunities that the Indigenous community wishes to access on projects.


Mapping the range of skills and capabilities within the Indigenous community or linked to the community.


Sourcing individual workers – fitting a person’s need for the right type of role.


Providing a mentoring and support service to Indigenous workers and Indigenous businesses.

Linking recruitment agencies with Indigenous communities – supporting effective recruitment and higher retention of Indigenous job seekers in project roles.